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Epic Bora Coin Giveaway Across MMOs Rappelz & Flyff

Epic Bora Coin Giveaway Across MMOs Rappelz & Flyff

Win big across both titles during Gala Lab's April festivities

April 18th, 2021 - Get ready to win cash prizes worth $60,000 in total, as developer Gala Lab alongside publisher Way2Bit announces that their Bora Coin giveaway in both Rappelz and Flyff is set to begin on April 7th.

Spanning North America and Europe (with localization for German and French), players will experience three concurrent events throughout April and will be able to spend their topped-up cash in either Flyff or Rappelz to purchase in-game items. Depending on the item tier, players get cash-back in cryptocurrency: Bora Coins.

Previous winners of similar events have profited heavily from the real-life increase in value of its cryptocurrency. A former 1st place winner selected Bora Coins as their reward, that prize value has since increased almost 13 times of what they would have received as a cash equivalent.. Their prize value increased from around $1,300 to more than $17,000 as of April 2021.

In Flyff, players will be able to collect 5 ‘2021 Easter egg’ items and exchange them for a special  'Old Bora Ring’. By upgrading this ‘Old Bora Ring’, players will also be able to receive a new powerful PvP accessory. Once the event ends, players will be ranked based on the sum of the upgrade values from accessories will be ranked, giving them players the opportunity to obtain upto $1,500 worth of additional Bora Coins.

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For Rappelz, its taming event will see players receive a ‘Pretty Bora Egg’ item every time they tame a creature (with overall taming chances increased during the event). After the event ends, and similarly to Flyff, players will be ranked by the number of ‘Pretty Bora Eggs’ they have per region with the Top 10 rewarded with Bora Coins. For those who entered the event but didn’t make the top-spots, 10 people per region will receive $5.00 USD worth of the Bora Coins.

Finally, April's Easter events will see Flyff players collect “Bora Eggs” for the Login and Homecoming event, as well as Rainbow Race rewards. Bora Eggs will drop from rare monsters and from the exchange of quest items. Similarly, the Top 10 players per region who obtain the most Bora Eggs will receive Bora Coins according to their tier.

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These April-long events mark a significant opportunity for new and existing players to jump into both games, take part in unique celebrations, and capitalize on the surge in cryptocurrency popularity.

For more details, players can head to Flyff orRappelz's official website, where they can download the PC clients for free. 

About Way2Bit Co., Ltd.
Way2Bit Co., Ltd. is a company that develops blockchain technology and global game publishing services. Way2Bit has launched this March its global game service platform called “Play2Bit” and servicing world-wide with total of 11 games such as PC MMORPG “Astellia”, “Astellia Royal”, “Rappelz”, “Flyff”, Action RPG “Granage”, Card collection RPG “Sid Classic”, web games “Divine Precept”, “Destroy the god”, “Kingory3” and mobile games “Flyff Legacy” and “Seven Guardians”. For more information visit:

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About Gala Inc

GALA Inc. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the development and operation of smartphone applications and PC online games. For more information visit: 

Gala Lab Corpa Korea-based subsidiary of Gala Inc, was created under the motto of Global Community communicating with games, it is continuously developing and servicing in more than 130 countries utilizing the Flyff and Rappelz IP to create various PC & mobile games. For more information visit:

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